Mr. King has an uncanny knack of capturing the essence of a program and explaining the core in pictures, video and personal interviews that seize the audience by portraying the spirit of the program/organization. His quiet, friendly and unassuming manner put interviewees at ease while his professionalism shines through his camera lenses. He is a craftsman at storytelling and thoroughly enjoys learning along with the audience of the organization he is portraying. Video-productions he has completed for our organization several years ago are still pertinent and regularly viewed today. That is, his works are enduring, and, endless! (Martha Dubensky, Executive Director)

Martha Dubensky, GAIT, Executive Director

[Christopher] is the consummate professional. His skill and vision are world class and the quality of his thinking, attention to detail and creativity is apparent in the final product. I highly recommend his work and even more so as a genuinely good person. (David Binkowski, Founder)

David Binkowski, Founder, Large Media

Christopher King has a big sensitivity and a personal approach to every each artist he is portraying. He uses a unique poetic language and goes deep into the topic, spending a time necessary for observation and understanding of the portrayed person. Passionate about the his work, professional and open-minded, it was a pleasure to work with him. (Tereza Lochmann, Artist)

Tereza Lochmann, Artist

From the very start, Christopher King impressed me with his interest, curiosity, and obvious desire to find the story.  Before embarking on our project together, his inquisitive and passionate nature began to unravel a script and peel away the layers of my business to its core.  What he found, and in turn filmed, was a genuine and compelling tale, expressed effortlessly through the lens.  Immediately after releasing, our video received exorbitant compliments that continue to produce sales, brand awareness, and praise.  A professional caliber, rarely seen, an Endless Echo production is worth every penny! (Travis Rivera, Founder)

Travis Rivera, Founder, Black & Brass Coffee Roasting Co.

When I first came across Christopher King’s work I was immediately impressed by the cinematographic quality and depth of storytelling encapsulated in the short film viewed. I have worked with various professionals in the field before and felt frustrated by their inability to bring to life the ideas that we had discussed.  After seeing his work, I intuitively felt that this was a filmmaker that I wanted to meet and would be able to translate the complexity of the messages I was trying to convey.  That was several years ago and Christopher and I have worked on the better part of fourteen projects together.  In every case, I have found him to be impeccably prepared and a professional who goes well beyond what is expected.  His films are gorgeous works of art that are highly effective in communicating the value of our program.  Every teacher, student, Board member, alumni and parent that he has met, have commented on what an outstanding person he is. He has a keenly developed way of interviewing and is sensitive to the ethos of each individual.  He is a rare human being and an extraordinarily gifted professional. (Dr. Chris Bleeker, Administrator)

Dr. Chris Bleecker, Administrator, Waldorf School of Garden City

Delivering a message about a complex topic was a daunting task for my organization, but Endless Echo and filmmaker Christopher King delivered, with a keen eye toward our specific audience. The production process was organized and professional, but more importantly, Christopher challenged us on our initial approach to our topic. This wise guidance produced a film that is compelling, clear, and personal. It will certainly be viewed and shared widely, and Endless Echo has our thanks and gratitude. (Mark King, Producer)

Mark King, Producer, Sero

Endless Echo’s work on behalf of the Ultrabook Brand and Retail team was exquisite.  Their storylines and visuals were so distinct and clearly superior to other options we considered.  They quickly became our very favorite producer and we so enjoy any opportunity to work with them. (Suzy Deline, Retail & Online Marketing)

Suzy Deline, Retail & Online Marketing at Intel

For many years we have tried to capture the essence of our story and it never worked. It lacked the genuine soul of our mission. From the first conversation with Endless Echo, I knew we were on a whole other level. They got inside the story and told it simply, clearly and beautifully. (Elizabeth Flores, Founder)

Elizabeth Flores, Founder, New American Youth Ballet

[Christopher] is extremely professional and provides high-quality video with a keen eye [and] an analytical approach to messaging […] He was great to work with and gave amazing recommendations to create results that can be viewed by thousands! (Brooke Jennings, Marketing)

Brooke Jennings, Marketing, The Lodge at Woodloch

Endless Echo really brought our brand vision to life. Christopher took considerable time and effort to really understand what we are doing and why we are doing it and have that clearly come across on the screen. We could not be happier with the results and have already engaged with Endless Echo on additional projects! (Mitch Wenger, CEO)

Mitch Wenger, CEO at Grain Audio

Christopher has a unique gift. Anyone can hold a nice camera in their hand and produce a video, what Christopher does is so much more. He has the ability to capture the natural, organic moments of a story. He has a trusting way about him that lowers the guard of an interviewee, which brings out the deepest truth to the story. He is a documentarian. Christopher is beyond creative, immerses himself completely in every project and is a perfectionist. Is flexible in schedule, takes direction and is a great collaborator. I feel as though I had asked Christopher to complete the impossible. Not only did he complete the task, but far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to a long working relationship with Christopher. (Rory Ofee, Director of Marketing)

Rory OFee, Director of Marketing at Woodloch

I highly recommend Christopher as a videographer. I have worked with him several times in the past, and each time he exceeded my expectations. Christopher quickly understood my business and my objectives, and provided thoughtful contributions in developing a storyline for each video. His attention to detail is exceptional, and he is very responsive and enjoyable to work with. He delivered a polished and professional final product with a compelling narrative that has been a key part of branding and marketing our firm. (Bernard del Rey, CEO)

Bernard del Rey, CEO, Capital Position Ventures

Christopher is, first and foremost, a thoughtful person. And by this I don’t mean he’s a nice guy, (which, by the way, he is). Instead I mean he approaches his work thoughtfully. I have hired Christopher on numerous occasions to create videos that convey information about my company. Each time he has successfully delved into the topic and found a way to tell the right story; a story that has a core message that would be compelling to a wider audience. The ability to do this is rare because it takes someone who not only has exceptional listening skills but has the ability to ask the good questions so the project heads in the right direction and its end result is seamless. But that’s just the thought process part of what Christopher does well. Add his ability to actually DO the work, to set up and operate the equipment needed to make a first rate video, and now you have someone who can turn an idea into reality. This is rare. And valuable. I can heartily recommend his services if this is the sort of thing you need to have done for your business. (Geoffrey Peckham, CEO)

Geoffrey Peckham, CEO, Clarion

A true artist, Christopher’s passion has resulted in a visually stunning body of work for our school.  We have experienced an uptick in applications with many actually saying they were emotionally moved by the stories in our videos. (Peter Comstock, Head of School)

Peter Comstock, Head of School, The Homestead School

Using Endless Echo was a great choice. Our new video not only captures the features of the new zip line, but also the emotion of the experience. These kids are flying. At the YMCA Camp Linwood MacDonald we work to build the character of each camper. Christopher’s attention to detail and desire to get it right has given us a wonderful tool to tell our story and promote sales. We received great value for the cost. (Richard Smith, Vice President)

Our Y videos helped reignite the fire I feel to continue doing what I do at the YMCA. I am making it mandatory for all my staff to watch them in the hope of spreading that inspiration. (Luis Terrones, Aquatic Director)

Luis Terrones, Aquatic Director, YMCA

Communication is business is everything. Getting your employees and clients to understand what you do and how you do it is one thing, but if you can communicate WHY you do what you do that is engagement!
I have never found a better storyteller than Christopher King. He can take hours of footage and find just the right moments, put it to music and tell the story you want your clients and people to hear. It is on point, clever and beautiful all at once. He is, in a word, gifted.
Christopher never missed a deadline and always over-delivers. He is a pleasure to work with and I can recommend his work without hesitation. Hire him! (Chester Elton, Author, Speaker, Consultant)

Chester Elton, Apostle of Appreciation, The Culture Works

Even after Christopher’s stint at Altec, I asked him to come back many times to work on various projects for us. I knew I’d get a great end product and that we would receive the same level of dedication and perseverance that was evident while he was a full-time employee. Whether looking for a full time employee or for any project work, I can not recommend Christopher highly enough. (Mitch Wenger, Sr. Director of Marketing)

Mitch Wenger, Sr. Director of Marketing, Altec Lansing

[Christopher King] had a very specific methodology making the film. A plan. He pays scrupulous attention to the smallest detail. He first made a recording of my responses to his questions. What puzzled me were the questions that had no direct bearing on painting. It turned out that the personal questions warmed and humanized the presentation. People would get to see a person and not just his theory of painting. “Step Into My Ambiguity” has brought many compliments. I would recommend him to anyone who has such a project. (John Beardman, Artist)

John Beardman, Artist

I see Christopher as a very focused and creative individual; high minded and dedicated to quality. He approached our project with total commitment. I felt that he would do whatever it took to achieve his creative vision. He sees himself as a storyteller, and in my case showed a gift for uncovering the hidden narrative amongst pages of rambling monologue. Christopher’s clear minded passion gave me confidence that the project would be successful and bear fruit. That confidence helped me to relax and give my best. (Larry Zampino, Artist)

Larry Zampino, Artist, ZampinoArts